Adventures Close to Home

Everyone looks forward to the summer – the beach, family trips, visiting the grandparents.  But what about those days when you’re chilling at home? In every community there are opportunities for adventures right where you are. Here are just a few:

Visit Your Local Fire Station. Many fire stations will be happy to arrange a tour for kids. Just be sure to call them and ask.  It’s fun for children and adults alike to see firetrucks and firefighting equipment up close and talk to firefighters. Take some time before you visit with your children to think of questions you might have and take the opportunity to talk about fire dangers and your own safety plan.

Play Ball! Manchester is host to the Fisher Cats, a Double-A Affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays. If you’ve never been to a minor league game, you might be surprised at how entertaining and family-friendly it is. Even if you’re not a baseball fan, there’s plenty to see, do, and, especially, eat. Check it out.

Go on an Eating Adventure. Summer doesn’t have to be all about hamburgers, pizza, and ice cream. Encourage your children to try something different by taking a food adventure. Give them a list of countries representing different types of cuisine. Examples might be Thailand, Japan, Italy, or Vietnam. Explore where their chosen country is in the world, what it’s like to live there and the dishes people eat. Then visit an ethnic restaurant and try some of that region’s food for yourself.

Take a Trip to the Stars. Start with a Star Chart or an app like Star Walk to map stars in your night sky. Star Walk actually uses location tracking and your phone’s gyroscope (yes, there’s a gyroscope) to actually show you what’s up in the sky using something called augmented reality. Or, do it the old-fashioned way with a telescope or higher-powered binoculars. Looking skyward is a great way to break up the night routine and introduce some peace and contemplation. Who doesn’t like that?

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