Parenting Hacks – Why Didn’t I Think of That?

If you’re like us, you love those “hacks” that are all over social media – life hacks, home hacks, cooking hacks, you name it. But what about parenting hacks? Your wish is our command. We’ve found some practical parenting hacks courtesy of (Here is a second article on the same.) Some are pure genius! Check these out:

Follow the dots. If you have more than one child, it can be a pain sorting their clothing at laundry time. By marking labels with one dot for your eldest, two for your second, and so on, you’ll save time and aggravation. The system also neatly allows for those hand-me-downs – just add a dot!

Stick-to-itiveness in the craft room. Who doesn’t like glitter? Parents, that’s who. A simple lint roller can pick up those pesky bits in a jiffy – well worth the investment!

No more lockouts. Did you know a rubber band can save you a world of aggravation? Simply put it around one knob and twist across the latch bolt before putting it around the knob on the other side. Voila – no more bathroom lockouts!

No-mess painting? Yes, it’s possible. Try putting a small amount of several different colors of paint in a zip-lock bag and close. Then let your toddler make designs on the outside using their fingers and imagination.

Save the soap! Those pump bottles are a little too convenient, aren’t they? By simply twisting rubber bands around the base of the pump nozzle, you can stem the free flow of the gooey stuff.

WD-40 to the rescue. Crayon on the walls or on your furniture? Try a little WD-40. It really is incredible stuff.

Monsters be gone! Finally, some water and a little essential oil in a spray bottle can do wonders to rid your child’s room of any monsters who might be lurking. Be sure to label it appropriately. It’s powerful stuff!

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