Simple Ways You Can Make a Difference: A Compliment a Day….

With the demands of school and busy fall and winter schedules just ahead, we’d like to highlight one simple thing we all can do right now for our own family. So much of our parenting lives are consumed with running a household and ensuring tasks are done. It shouldn’t be a surprise that when we speak, our family usually expects us to be issuing a correction or a “do it now” edict. Instead, consider looking for something positive to share. We know that doesn’t always come easy, so here are some things to keep in mind, inspired by this piece by Cheryl Butler of

Create a “done good” journal. If you look, you will find some pretty encouraging things happening around your home. Did someone take the trash out without asking? Did you catch one of your children helping a neighbor or making progress in a subject or an extra-curricular activity? Don’t let the moment pass. Write it down, and be sure to share it with the individual and your family. A little praise goes a long way.

Keep it. Remember that complimentary note your child’s teacher sent home? Keep anything that could be an encouragement for a family member to periodically share (along with your “done good” journal). Compliments are great when they’re made but often are more valuable when it hasn’t been such a great week.

Practice it. Don’t forget to treat yourself kindly. It’s hard to run ourselves hard during the day and be relaxed and positive for our family in the evening. Acknowledge your own hard work and effort, and take some well-deserved “me” time (yes, your family will survive).

By looking for the positive to share, you’ll make everyone lives just a little better (and happier).

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