Spring Cleaning for Your Mommy Soul

It’s here! The first day of spring. Despite the snow still on the ground, warmer temperatures are beginning to soften our hard winter freeze. If you’re like many of us, you can’t help but notice those enormous winter dust bunnies and are beginning to envision a spotless home with sun pouring in through streakless windows. Perhaps you’ve even dusted off your venerable spring-cleaning checklist. But wait, aren’t you forgetting something? What’s more important than vacuuming under your bed or cleaning those bedcovers? Why, you of course. Just as your home needs your attention, so do you. It’s so easy to get into emotional and behavioral ruts as a parent, especially over a long winter. When was the last time you actually checked in with yourself? Mighty Mommy is all over it. She’s got a few tips to help us clean out our own parental dust bunnies.

Do a Self-Inventory. Do you know how you’re viewing yourself as a parent? Asking these questions should give you a good idea:

As a parent, what makes me unique and special?

Is there just one thing I can do today to make a positive difference in my child’s life?

What do I like most about being a parent?

What qualities do I value in myself that I would like to pass on to my child?

Post Your Top Three. We don’t recommend lipstick, but a sticky note on the mirror does well. Knowing yourself as well as you do, what three things would you like to remember? Mighty Mommy, Cheryl Butler, shares her top 3 – patience, being present, and to love yourself. We think those are a great start!

Think Like a Child. We tend to look at the world as a never-ending “to-do” list. Who has time for (fill in the blank)? Maybe it’s time to take a leaf from the kid playbook and get curious about the world around you. The next time you’re about to go and “do” something, stay a few minutes with your kids and tune in to what they’re doing.

Clean the Mental Clutter. Claim time for yourself, even if it’s just a few minutes. Read, listen to a meditation track (there are free apps for the claiming), or simply do some deep breathing. You’ll be amazed how just a few minutes “away” will give you new reservoirs of calm and energy.

Say No. Take a critical look at your calendar and choose time with your children above over-commitment. Do yourself and them a favor – don’t view time with them as an opportunity to catch up on your social media or texting. It’s tempting, we know, but the benefits of fully tuning in are incalculable and will help your children exercise similar restraint.

There’s more. Using the renewal of spring as an opportunity to freshen our relationship with ourselves, our children, and our parenting life is a great way to embrace the seasons ahead.

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