Tips for a Day at the Beach

We in southern New Hampshire are so fortunate to live close to not only beautiful lakes, but gorgeous beaches. There is something about the water that speaks to us. In fact, studies have shown that large bodies of water can actually make us calmer and more creative. But, take one mother and add small children to a day at the beach and the result can be anything but. This article from Parents Magazine has some great tips for moms who actually want to have fun with their kids while enjoying sand and surf. Here are just a few we’d like to share:

Think Shelter. We go to the beach because it’s hot and sunny, then regret that decision for the very same reasons, not to mention those oh-so-painful sunburns that assault tender toddler skin. There are some great pop-up tents and shelters that will provide much-needed protection and shade for your little ones. Even better, they fold flat and are much easier to transport than a big beach umbrella.

Ditch the Beach Towels.  Have you ever struggled with keeping multiple towels laid out and straight? Towels are for drying not for laying on. Most families have an old blanket, sheet, or even a duvet cover that will serve well as a place to relax without taking up too much room.

Decide Ahead of Time and Arrive Early. If it’s 10 am and you’re starting to think of packing up things and going to the beach, you may want to think again. That is unless you like being stuck in a mile-long caravan of cars inching their way to the shore with little hope of finding a convenient parking spot. Also, the mid-afternoon is when the sun is at its most relentless. Pack the night before and hit the road early. You’ll enjoy less crowds, cooler sand, and will be going home against the traffic feeling like a champ.

Don’t Scrimp on the Sunscreen. Did you know that SPF ratings are based on very generous applications of sunscreen? In fact, according to the American Academy of Dermatology, most people only apply 25-50 percent of the recommended amount of sunscreen. Don’t be stingy, reapply every two hours or after swimming or sweating, and make sure to use an SPF of 15 or greater that protects against both UVA and UVB rays. Also, remember to bring hats, sunglasses, and shirts as well as limiting exposure at the height of the sun.

Baby Powder is Your Friend. Sand is, well, sand and perhaps the worst part of leaving after a fun-filled beach day. Rather than stressing over the inevitable accumulation of sand on your kiddos’ bodies, come equipped with baby powder. It does a remarkable job of gently removing sand from encrusted bodies – just make sure they’re somewhat dry.

For more great beach trips check out the full article.

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