We Made a Small Change Just For You

In an effort to increase our patients’ experience, the way that we answer our phone calls have changed. We added an auto attendant to our phone system.

To some this may seem counter intuitive to providing impeccable patient care, but this isn’t the case – we promise. The truth is, with our old phone system despite our patients getting a live person when they called, there were times when 60% of our calls were being dropped before making it to their elected destination (appointments/billing/general questions). And there were other times we found that 40% of the time our patients ended up in the wrong department, or talking to someone that couldn’t necessarily answer their question(s). After learning these staggering statistics, it was imperative that we did something to ensure that the number of dropped or misguided calls decreased dramatically.

With our new system your call comes in and you will hear a recorded greeting, after which your call will ring through to one of our Bedford Commons OB-GYN family members who can easily help you with whatever it is that you may need during the call. It’s as easy as that. Should we be experiencing a high call volume, you may then hear a subsequent recording that will give you the option to continue holding or choose a department to leave a message with.

For 35 years, our patients have been our priority, and this will continue to be the case. Your experience and the quality of care you receive is incredibly important to us.

If you have experienced our new phone system please take a moment and tell us about your experience by completing a quick survey. 

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