Many young women have special needs and concerns about changes in their bodies. From getting your first period to your first visit to the gynecologist. We know that this time period in your life is confusing and sometimes scary – but we’re here to help answer your questions.

Young Adults


Thinking about starting birth control or have questions about your period?

As you think about becoming sexually active or consider different birth control options, let us provide you with the information that you need to make the best decision for YOU! We find that many young adults take advice from friends or family members, but we want to give you the tools to make the decision that’s right for you.



You may be at the time in your life when you’re thinking about having a baby. Perhaps your re-evaluating your sexual relationship, or have questions regarding contraception.

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Not all women experience perimenopause in the same way. You may have serious night sweats and hot flashes or you may be asking yourself, “Am I going through menopause?”



Once you’ve gone through menopause (defined as one year following your last menstrual period), you may note some changes in your body that occurred along the way. Hot flashes or night sweats may be persistent even following menopause.

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