Total Body Workout Without Leaving Your Chair

If you’re an at-home or working mother, the phrase “time for myself” may seem completely foreign, and that applies to exercise. Who has time to go to the gym or take a long walk or run?  If so, you may be interested in this total body workout you can do without leaving your chair courtesy of All it requires is some time and a sturdy chair. (This is also great if you’re dealing with an injury that’s sidelined you from your normal exercise routine.) Skeptical? Check out the circuit:

Sneaky Buns and Guns: Works inner thighs, glutes, and triceps.

Seated Jacks:  Raises your heart rate and burns calories.

Leg Lift and Twist: Targets and tones your quadriceps, inner thighs, and abdomen.

Skater Switch: Activates your core, inner thighs, arms, and shoulders.

Hinge and Cross: Strengthens your back and abs while working your lower body.

Chair Running: Quick cardio boost that engages your abs, arms, and legs.

For detailed instructions and tips see the article. If you’re doing this at work, while you don’t need to leave your chair, coworkers might notice some unusual movement coming from your cubicle. Ask them what they’re doing during their lunch hour – you might spark an office chair fitness movement!

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