COVID-19 and Pregnancy

Updated May 20, 2020

During the months of March and April, Bedford Commons OB-GYN adopted an alternative schedule for obstetric visits in our office based off guidance from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) to limit your exposure risk to COVID-19.  Instead of seeing patients every four weeks through the end of the second trimester, most visits were scheduled 6-8 weeks apart.  Starting in the third trimester, we were seeing our patients every 2-4 weeks depending on risk factors.

As we have watched the COVID-19 pandemic unfold, it is clear that we will be coexisting with COVID-19 for the months ahead.  Several of our patients have asked if we will be continuing the alternative schedule for obstetric care or if we will resume the “normal” frequency of visits.  For at least the next few months, we plan on continuing to see our OB patients at a more spaced out interval.  Here’s what a typical visit schedule might look like:

8 weeks visit

11-12.5 weeks ultrasound and visit

20 week anatomy ultrasound and visit

28 week visit and glucose testing

32 week visit

36 week visit and group B strep testing

37 week visit

38 week visit

39 week visit

40 week visit (your due date!)

At Bedford Commons OB-GYN, we believe that every woman is an individual.  It’s important to us that you feel comfortable and confident in the care you are receiving.  Although we feel that it is safe to continue more spaced out OB visits, we know that some of our patients would feel more reassured seeing us a little more often.  If you would like to see us more frequently, just let us know at your visit.  Additionally, some of our patients have risk factors or concerns that may necessitate additional visits.  We will let you know if we need to see you more often.

We also wanted to let you know that although we are still limiting visitors in our office, your partner can accompany you to any OB ultrasound visits.  Unfortunately, we do need to continue limiting visitors for all other visits but we know how important the bonding experience of an ultrasound visit can be.

Every pregnancy journey is different and unique.  We look forward to being by your side through this exciting time!


March 13, 2020

Many of our patients are calling to ask about what pregnant women should be doing to protect themselves from coronavirus.  We wanted to provide you with a summary of information and a link to the CDC website where you can read more.

Because this is a new virus, the data on how the virus effects pregnancy is extremely limited.  We do not currently know if pregnant women are at an increased risk for Coronavirus from the general population but so far, data seems to suggest that pregnant woman may not be at a greater risk.

Based on current data, there are no reported coronavirus deaths in pregnant woman.  Of women who have tested positive for coronavirus, only 8% of them have experienced more severe symptoms and there has been only 1 case report of critical illness.

We do not know if pregnant woman with Coronavirus can pass to the virus to her baby during pregnancy or delivery.  According to the Centers for Disease Control, no infants born to mothers with coronavirus have tested positive after delivery.

Breastfeeding is considered to be safe unless mother tests positive for Coronavirus due to the close proximity between mom and baby with nursing.  Moms with Coronavirus who want to continue to breastfeed should wear a mask while feeding baby.

At this time, the recommendations for pregnant women is the same as the normal population.  You should wash your hands, avoid touching your face, and avoiding people who may be sick.  While working from home is not medically necessary, for businesses offering work from home as an option, we support all of our patients (even women who are not pregnant) in working remotely.

If a pregnant woman develops a fever, our recommendation is to contact your primary care provider or an Urgent Care immediately.  Pregnant women should take acetaminophen to lower a fever.

If you do think that you may be experiencing symptoms of Coronavirus, please DO NOT come to our office for your scheduled visit.  Please contact our office at 603-668-8400 to reschedule your appointment and to talk to our nursing staff for additional recommendations.

Here is a link to the CDC website which has FAQs regarding Coronavirus and pregnancy:

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