About FollowMyHealth

At Bedford Commons OB-GYN we understand that having all of your health information at your fingertips is important to you. Which is why we use FollowMyHealth® – an online, innovative tool that provides anywhere, anytime access to your personal health records, and enables you to take a proactive role in managing your care.

With FollowMyHealth, you can:

  • Review your medical records online in a safe, secure environment
  • Communicate privately with physicians via secure messaging
  • View test and lab results, read medical notes from your doctor
  • Update your health information (allergies, medications, conditions, etc.)
    Please note that information you add to your FMH account is not automatically added to your patient chart, so please be sure to inform BCOG staff of these changes at your next visit.
  • Request Rx refills
  • Request or change existing appointments
  • View and pay bills
  • Update your personal information (address, email, phone number, insurance changes, etc.)
  • … and so much more!

What’s even better, FollowMyHealth is available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via any computer, tablet, or smart phone!




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